Sentences (例文一覧)

She is looking for a book at the library.

She wears glasses.

He is wearing a VR headset.

He is playing a video game.

She is texting.

She wears a yellow mask.

She went to the salon.

Her hair is being washed.

She is clothes shopping.

She is driving.

She holds the steering wheel with one hand.

Take your medicine.

She is at the doctor’s office.

She receives a wrist brace.

She gets a shot.

The doctor gives her a shot.

They are performing surgery.

A patient is undergoing surgery.

She is withdrawing cash from the ATM.

He just woke up from a nap.

He sits in front of the refrigerator.

He is drinking pineapple juice at night.

She is weaving a blanket.

There are 2 pillows on the couch.

She is wearing a sauna hat.

She is fanning herself with leaves.

She is giving him a taste.

He is cutting cherry tomatoes.