Sentences (例文一覧)

She has cleaning supplies to clean her home.
(彼女は家を掃除するために掃除用品を 持っています。)

She has a soap and a broom.

She is making the bed.

She changed the bedspread.

She is doing laundry.

She is at the laundromat.

She likes the scent of detergent and fabric softener.

She is grocery shopping.

She will buy milk and basil.

She is checking out the food.

She bought flowers.

She has a brown leather purse.

She folded her sweaters.

She will put her sweaters away in the closet.

He will iron his shirt.

The room is messy.

Put your toys away.

She is mopping the floor.

She is cooking food in a skillet.

They are cooking together.

He is chopping the vegetables.

She is stirring the pot.